Pack 180 Pocketknife Policy

Cub Scouts are encouraged to learn safety rules and the proper use of a pocketknife. Webelos Scouts may earn the right to carry a pocketknife to designated Scouting functions by completing requirements for the Whittling Chip card. Cub Scout-age boys may not use sheath knives. Cubs should wait until they become Boy Scouts before they use any other woodworking tools.

When Cubs complete the requirements they will be awarded a Cub Scout Whittling Chip Wallet Card and/or Patch. The Whittling Chip patch is worn on the uniform shirt, centered on the right pocket as a temporary patch, or on the boy's patch vest.

Pack 180 Pocket Knife Rules

The Leaders of Pack 180 recognizes that Cub Scouts look forward to using a pocket knife. It is our Pack's goal that any interested Cub Scout learn how to safely use a pocket knife with his parent's permission. We have established the following mandatory policy for safe pocket knife use.

Cub Scouts in Pack 180 may carry and use pocket knives ONLY when they obey the following rules:

Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts from other Troops or Packs that are attending Pack 180 activities, will be allowed to use pocket knives only if they adhere to these stated rules.

Cub Scouts who do not obey the Pack 180 Pocket Knife Rules and the Whittling Chip Card will lose the privilege of carrying and using a pocket knife; the knife and the card will be taken away, and returned to the parent. The following guidelines will be used: