Cubmasters Minute

The fall 2015-20165 program.  We have a great program planned.  Much more going out and doing things with a large assortment of activities.  We will have a formal list going out soon, but I can tell you its jam packed and the scouts will have a lot to experience this year.
Holden Days is coming up and we would appreciated volunteer help from parents to speak with prospective scout families at the event.  Tell them about our program and how its different than some of the others.

Summer camp at Treasure Valley
The program they have for the kids is great.  I was able to volunteer for the week and let me tell you, they keep the kids busy with a rotating schedule of activities all day.  If your child isn't going right to bed after dinner, then he's getting too much sugar.  I was tired at the end of each day.  Big hits were BB gun shooting, Archery, and swimming, but they did all kinds of other things also.  The council put on a fantastic program this summer.  I think each scout earned 7 belt loops at the end of the week.

Our fishing derby in June was a fun time.  It was great to see some of the sibling who had never fished give it a try and actually catch a fish.  It's always great to get the families out and enjoying the outdoors.  The one fish that could not be released back didn't go to waste...I ate him!

Wanted to thank everybody who worked so hard to make this years Blue & Gold such a success.  The scouts accomplished an extrodinary amount of achievemnts this year under the fantastic supervision of your leaders and I want to thank them also.

We had a great time at Battleship Cove.  I can never get enough of that place.  I think learning about the struggles of WWII and what life was like in America gives us all a better appreciation of what our lives are like now but also to remind us of the sacrifices and stuggles to get us here.

Can you name the 5 Scouts?

1. Actor, best known for his role as MacGyver in the 1985 to 1992 TV series, taught Reptile Study in Boy Scouts.
2. Astronaut, first man on the moon, from Wapakoneta, OH (Eagle Scout)
3. Mayor of the City of New York. his networth is said to be 5 Billion Dollars and he was ranked 44th by Forbes Magazine in its list of 400 Richest Americans in September 2006. (Eagle Scout)
4. Singer, Song writer and Muscian, was a member of Scouts UK (hint: ziggy, Fame,Let's Dance)
5. Recording Artist, Musician and Singer. Didn't make Eagle, was too busy hanging around in margaritaville.

1. Richard Dean Anderson   2. Neil Armstrong   3. Michael Bloomberg  4. David Bowie  5. Jimmy Buffett

Boy Scout Saved Sister From Near Drowning

HOLLIS, N.H. -- Boy Scout Steven O'Connor was hailed as a hero Saturday.

"I'm just very proud of that moment, and just, I don't think anybody could have reacted as fast as I did," O'Connor said.

Two years ago on Father's Day, O'Connor's quick thinking saved his 6-year-old sister from a near drowning in a backyard swimming pool.

"I just saw her arms flailing, and the reaction was to dive, (to) save her," O'Connor said.

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Boy Scout was prepared - and saved his dad

The teen was recognized Monday with the Scouts’ National Medal of Merit for quick thinking after his dad’s 25-foot fall during a post-Irene cleanup. 
Before the father of three knew it, he was free-falling 25 feet to the wet ground below, narrowly missing stumps that could have “gone right through (his) body,” he said.
Stack was lucky in more ways than one after the unlucky fall. Fortunately the younger Dennis was there by his side to determine within seconds whether he was conscious and breathing, then to call for his mother, Cammy — “more like screaming,” jokes the teen — so that she could dial emergency responders.
Stack had fallen with such force that his “right leg wound up laying on top of my head,” says dad, who’d broken his hip, four ribs, and his back in three places in the fall.
The teen stayed by his father’s side as he cried out in pain. He kept a level head, assessed his dad’s injuries, calmed him and kept others who had gathered at the scene from moving him, according to the family.

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With great appreciation I was awarded the Fitzpatrick award for 2012 at the Quinsigamond District dinner.  I would like that thank the council and the people who nominated me. 

Last night at the Annual Quinsigamond District Dinner, your very own Cubmaster Steve was awarded the Fitzpatrick Award. This annual award is presented to a Cubmaster who has provided outstanding service to his Pack. The District chose Steve as he has given you a Scouting program that goes beyond the goals and standards set by the BSA.

Snakes of Massachusetts

I wrote in informational article on what snakes we have in Massachusetts.  Did you know that we have 14 types and 2 of them are venomous !  I included pictures also to help in identification.
you can see the article at  and click on "resources" then "articles".
you can also launch just the article in your browser here: